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764-hero, actions fall short, alkaline trio, appleseed cast, arizona, as i lay dieing, asu, at the drive in, atmosphere, authority zero, autopilot off, bad brains, badly drawn boy, bane, beat happening, beethoven, big fish pub, bjork, black heart procession, boston, brack, braid, bratmobile, bright eyes, built to spill, califone, california, cat faces, ccr, chandler, cky, club rio, coheed and cambria, communique, crass, cursive, daftne, darkest hour, david spade, dead low tide, death on wednesday, defacto, deftones, dialated peoples, dillenger escape plan, dynamite boy, elliot, ember, euphone, fairweather, flagstaff, fugazi, gilbert, gob, grandaddy, halo benders, hot hot heat, hot water music, i-10, international noise conspiracy, jawbreaker, jebediah, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, joan of arc, kill your idols, lawrence arms, live on release, loudermilk, mars volta, mates of state, mesa, midtown, milemarker, mill ave, mindless self indulgence, mirah, misfits, mock orange, modest mouse, mouse on mars, mr. bungle, murder city devils, nerf herder, new end original, not quite bernadette, oneline drawing, orbital, ozma, patsy cline, pavement, pedro the lion, penfold, phantom planet, photography, piebald, pixies, placebo, poison the well, portishead, pretty girls make graves, radiohead, red red meat, refused, river city high, river city rebels, rocking horse winner, savemefromdecember, scary kids scaring kids, scottsdale, sleater kinney, small brown bike, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, space ghost, sparta, strike anywhere, superchunk, swing dancing, taking back sunday, tempe, the anniversary, the breeders, the briefs, the donnas, the girls, the helio sequence, the muffs, the nile, the pattern, the postal service, the shins, the static age, thrice, thursday, travis, treepeople, truckers on speed, u.n.k.l.e., u2, ugly casanova, up in arms, vendetta red, veruca salt, waxwing, yo la tengo, zorak